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Are you ready to take the first step towards straighter teeth? If so, we’re glad you found us! We understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right treatment, especially when there are so many options available. The good news is, we’re here to help. 

There are many options when it comes to choosing an alternative to braces. Today we’re going to compare CandidPro™ to a clear aligner that’s been around for decades — Invisalign.  keep in mind Invisalign is an aligner brand and CandidPro™ aims to go beyond by offering more than just a brand. CandidPro™ can add clear aligners to your dental regimen and consolidate all your care into a full comprehensive plan. Want to know how the CandidPro™ experience stacks up? Here are the major differences between the two:

( No.1) In most cases, CandidPro™ clear aligners cost less than Invisalign

On average the Invisalign treatment costs upwards from $3,000 to $8,000. The cost is generally determined by the length of treatment and your orthodontist’s level of experience. On the other hand, CandidPro™ aligners cost $3500 total no matter how long your treatment takes. You can pay the total amount in one upfront payment, or in monthly installments. Currently you can get $500 off clear aligners in our office until February 6, 2022. Contact us today at (208) 500-3030 to take advantage of our current special.

(No. 2) CandidPro™ offers teething whitening 

Invisalign only straightens your teeth while CandidPro™ offers complimentary whitening! Each CandidPro™ kit includes a premium whitening foam that can be used multiple times a day. Customers are raving about their teeth whitening results! Find out today what CandidPro™ can do for you!

(No. 3) CandidPro offers free consultations

Since you have to visit a dental office for the Invisalign consultation, prepare to pay anywhere from $100-$200 just to get started. It could even cost more if you require dental x-rays. Instead, you can start the CandidPro™ process with a free consultation by one of our doctors who will decide if CandidPro™ is right for you. Get started today!

(No. 4) CandidPro™ doesn’t require monthly office visits

Invisalign will typically require an appointment every six weeks, which can be inconvenient and time consuming. They also only give you a few aligner trays at a time, which requires an office visit to continue to the next step of your treatment.

With CandidPro™ , the initial free consultation is the first and only appointment you’ll need throughout the treatment process. During treatment, you’ll scan your teeth remotely so we can review your progress. We ship all your clear aligners directly to your home unless you prefer to pick them up at the office. 

(No. 5) CandidPro™ clear aligner treatment takes 6 months on average

Invisalign treatment takes about 12 months on average, but will sometimes exceed that amount of time with more complex cases. This allows Invisalign to take on more complicated cases, including severe crowding and bite correction, which CandidPro™ does not currently treat.

On the other hand, CandidPro™’s treatment generally takes six to twelve months maximum. Due to the shorter amount of time for treatment, CandidPro™’s primary focus is on mild to moderate cases. For successful treatment of all of their customers, at this time CandidPro™ does not take on cases considered too complex for their remote treatment plan. If deemed too complex, CandidPro™ will refund payment to anyone who is not eligible for treatment.

Benefits of Straightening your teeth with clear aligners

Straight teeth create better oral health for many reasons. When teeth are crooked it creates an uneven bite, which leads to uneven wear and tear on certain teeth. In addition, straight teeth are also easier to brush and floss since there is no overlapping. Being able to brush and floss effectively will help keep your teeth healthy and strong for life. 

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If you’re considering clear braces in the Coeur d’Alene area, we invite you to give us a call to learn more about the benefits of clear aligners. Schedule your free consultation to find out if CandidPro™ is right for you. We proudly serve patients in Coeur d’Alene & the surrounding areas including Hayden, Eddyville, Garwood, Post Falls, Dalton Gardens, and anywhere else families are seeking quality dental care in a comfortable and friendly dental office.  For more information on CandidPro™, an alternative to braces in Hayden ID, give Just Breathe DDS a call today at (208) 500-3030. Get the smile you deserve!