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Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD? Do they snore, have frequent headaches, or suffer from asthma? These are all potential symptoms associated with sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), where breathing is reduced or stops completely, during sleep. The lack of oxygen can significantly impact their quality of life. Studies show that up to 9 out of 10 children show at least some symptoms of SBD.

Oral Appliances: A More Comfortable & Convenient Alternative to CPAP

Have previous sleep doctors in Coeur d’Alene left you with unanswered questions? Are you tired of having to use an inconvenient CPAP machine every night? Do you wake up in the morning and still feel tired even though you got a full night of sleep? If this is the case, you may have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder in which your breathing stops and starts throughout the night. Unfortunately, this can leave you feeling groggy and disoriented the next day. Get the help you need for better sleep, better health & a better life by calling Just Breathe DDS today!

Get Help Today With A Customized Sleep Apnea Dental Device

What Our Patients Have To Say About Us

"Update: Eight months ago I was fitted for my appliance thru Dr Chatfield. I'm happy to report that it's working! I'm feeling more rested and waking up earlier several times a week! My recent sleep study showed a huge improvement, 17 episodes of sleep apnea down to 6!! This will translate to a longer life, less chance of dementia, less chance of heart disease, etc... Again, I highly recommend this caring staff. December 2020: Do it for your health! If you feel like you aren't getting enough sleep, you’re likely right. The technology and treatment that Dr. Chatfield offers blew my mind. I just got my appliance but I have every confidence that the treatment will improve my sleep and my health. Dr Chatfield and his staff are wonderful. Highly recommend."

-Dawn Brown

"Seriously the nicest people. We felt so welcome and taken care of. My son is 7 and the way they speak and approach him relieved any stress he was feeling. We’ll get the appliance in a few weeks so I can’t speak to that yet, but the appointments to get it ordered were amazing. I’ve talked to other Dr’s about a similar appliance and 1. They were not nearly as friendly and kind and 2. They were double the price and had no payment plans. They have made this accessible to so many families because they really want to help. I’m so thankful I found them. Thank you guys!!!"

-Jessica Shinneman

"I had a very pleasant experience at Dr. Jeremy Chatfield’s office today. The office staff was very knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, and very open to questions. I was greeted immediately and promptly escorted into my appointment.  The staff was informative and well versed in their field of knowledge.  Dr. Chatfield was incredible and very knowledgeable.  I feel he was very thorough in explaining the findings and diagnosis.  He took the time to answer all my questions.  Overall, I had a great experience!"

-Tammy L.

"Dr. Chatfield and Miss Mary are so welcoming. My children look forward to their appointments. They run up the walk the minute the vehicle doors are open.When initially calling, Mary explained the process of the appliances & made sure my questions were answered. Dr. Chatfield listened to my children & their imaginative ideas. He even played tag with them! Thank you, both, for always welcoming our crazy!"

-Stacie P.

"Dr. Chatfield and staff were amazing! From arrival to end of consultation, I was met with a level of professionalism that made my visit a very enjoyable one. Dr. Chatfield’s expertise in the field of sleep apnea is unparalleled. A big thank you to everyone!"


"I highly recommend Just Breathe DDS to anyone with young kids. Even if you don’t think your child is having issues with breathing or sleep you should still take them in for an assessment. We were able to start early intervention for my daughters crowded teeth. We had no idea that her small pallet may also be causing what we thought were allergies with her nasal congestion as well as some struggles with her speech development. I am so happy that we are able to start her young to avoid major orthodontic work when she’s older. Plus, these guys are amazing with kids! My daughter loves your visits here."

-Michelle Tufford

"I have a lot of trouble sleeping and went to see Dr. Chatfield for and exam. I was bit reluctant to spend more money after a failed sleep test, but the info and actionable steps that he gave me was more than worth it. He didn't just try to sell me an expensive appliance; he gave me mouth exercises to do and other things that have noticeably helped. I also LOVE the Theta bed they have. It has made a huge difference in my stress level, focus, and sleep. Ask them about it!"

-Nurtrishop Coeur d"Alene

"We are absolutely thrilled that our Family practitioner referred us here for our son's sleeping issues. He's 13yo and has had difficulty sleeping for many years. Dr. Chatfield gave him some techniques that provided immediate relief while we work on making some long-term changes to correct the problem. Mary, in the front office, is as nice as can be and Dr. Chatfield is amazing at making our son feel comfortable and capable. We highly recommend Just Breathe."

-Seth Horst

"I absolutely love Dr. Chatfield's approach to sleep apnea, TMJ, and more. The concept that our bodies can heal ourselves without meds or using apparatus forever is so refreshing. And they're AMAZING with the kids! So happy we found Just Breathe."

-Devon Thurtle Anderson

"My experience with Dr. Chatfields office, Just Breathe, has been a five star experience all the way around. The friendliness of everyone in the office and the care that is given is wonderful! I am receiving laser treatments for my severe TMJ issues and am having remarkable results! I highly recommend this office!"

-Sheri Scott

"I cannot say enough good things about Just Breathe DDS. Dr. Chatfield and his staff are very friendly and very good at what they do. They are always willing to answer the questions that I have or let me stop in if I have concerns about my device. I have only been going there for 4 months and no longer have sleep apnea. I am very pleased with how things have progressed so far. I recommend Just Breathe DDS to everyone that I come across that has issues with sleep apnea. They are amazing!"

-Brian Hunter

"One conversation about breathing has impacted so much. This has already helped reduce my daughter’s anxiety. I can’t wait for our devices. This is life changing! Thank you Dr. Chatfield!

-Dalina Howard

"I took my children here for an exam and it was a wonderful experience for them. They went in nervous and left wanting to go back. Everyone there is so nice and makes you feel at home!"

-Joseph Richards

"Very knowledgeable. Comfortable setting and his assistant is awesome. Highly recommended!!!"

-Josh Thomas

"Our whole experience here has been wonderful. Dr. Chatfield is extremely knowledgeable in his field, he is also incredibly kind and was so patient with my young son. Likewise, Mary has been so helpful from the beginning, as well as all throughout our initial appointment. I’m relieved my son is receiving excellent treatment for his sleeping issues and having this office to guide us through it all has given me such peace of mind."

-Aimee ODell

"Very calm environment. Dr Chatfield and Mary explained everything to my nervous 8 yo in ways he could understand. We learned a lot and eager to move forward with treatment. Highly recommend!"

-Kelly Orender

"Dr. Chatfield and Mary are both wonderful to work with! They were so kind, patient, and helpful with me and my kids. It felt so welcoming in the office, and my kids left feeling excited to go back. I’m thankful to have found Just Breathe. I feel like everyone should know about it!"

-Kari Rae

"Dr. Chattfield and Mary have been so great to work with my daughter and her sensory challenges. Candid has been a great fit for our family and with the flexibility of office visits and treatments. We're so glad we pursued Just Breathe."

-Charlie Bassett

"Our first experience was very pleasant. All procedures, were explained, with patience and kindness. CT results were reviewed in layman's terms. Aftercare was written out for my 87 year young mother to understand and follow. Equipment was lent out so to be able to continue treatment between appointments.. I would recommend Just Breathe to all!"

-Patrice Garcia

"I would highly encourage anyone experiencing sleep apnea or think they may be experiencing it to give Just Breathe DDS a call.
Dr. Chatfield and Mary have truly made a difference in my life with the treatment I'm receiving. It was seamless, and I was able to start treatment within a few months of initially working with them. Over the past few months, I've noticed a comparable difference in my sleepy quality and health overall. Thank you both so much!!"

-Becca Thiele

"Very knowledgeable. Comfortable setting and his assistant is awesome. Highly recommended!!! I ended up doing the laser treatment for snoring and it's quick and painless. They are gental and didn't feel a thing. Everytime someone hears "laser" they assume it's painful. Not at all!!
-follow up. No more snoring. I can't say enough about this treatment. It's painless and effective. Must do."

-Josh Thomas

"The Vivos DNA treatment has noticeably helped my daytime fatigue. I've only been doing it for 10 months but plan to continue. Dr. Chatfield and Mary have gone above and beyond to help me, they answer all my questions patiently and kindly."

-Eric S.

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How long does our sleep breathing disorder treatment take?

Our treatment is a short term process, generally 18-24 months, with results that last a lifetime.

How does the Vivos Guide Series Appliance work?

They are used to create proper spacing for the teeth, allowing them to rotate and align to the proper positions. Crowded and misaligned teeth are often caused by environmental factors and underdeveloped jaws. The soft appliances are removable and mostly used at night. They not only straighten teeth, but are fabricated to help keep your child’s lower jaw forward while they sleep which helps open their airway.

How much do we charge for the CandidPro Clear Aligners?

CandidPro Clear Aligners cost $3500 compared to traditional options that cost upwards of $7000.

How long does the CandidPro Treatment take?

The treatment for CandidPro Clear Aligners takes about 7 months (on average).

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